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This is a nice entry level machine that types well. It won't win any beauty contests, but it's a solid machine
Comes with case


JC Penney's Penncrest Caravell
Very solid "Jetson" machine, great typewriter. Comes with case
Here is a real work horse in excellent condition. This is a desktop machine and has no case
# 88
Smith Premier 10 Desktop
This machine is in working condition, but is being sold as a decorative piece
No case


Remington 11 Accounting typewriter.
This is a top not machine with tabulator for column presets. This too, is a real workhorse
No case
ERIKA: Russian Keyboard
This is a German made machine sporting a Russian Keyboard. It is in excellent condition and comes with a case
1884 Caligraph Typewriter
Not for sale
​Underwood Noiseless Desktop
Near Mint condition. This machine is quiet as a church mouse and is incredibly beautiful. It's a special machine
No case

Underwood desktop machine. Good solid machine in good working order
No case
Tower Portable
This machine is in like new condition
It comes with case and instruction manual.

# 14
Corona  Portable

This four row machine is a great typewriter and very attractive. It comes with a nice case.

#15 Corona Silent
Here's a near mint machine with a flawless finish. It is a great typer and comes with a case.

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