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This is a nice entry level machine that types well. It won't win any beauty contests, but it's a solid machine
Comes with case

$125.00 in store

JC Penney's Penncrest Caravell
Very solid "Jetson" machine, great typewriter. Comes with case
$185.00 in store
Here is a real work horse in excellent condition. This is a desktop machine and has no case
$500.00 in store
# 88
Smith Premier 10 Desktop
This machine is in working condition, but is being sold as a decorative piece
No case
 $250.00 in store


Remington 11 Accounting typewriter.
This is a top not machine with tabulator for column presets. This too, is a real workhorse
No case
$400.00 in store
ERIKA: Russian Keyboard
This is a German made machine sporting a Russian Keyboard. It is in excellent condition and comes with a case
​$400.00 in store
​Underwood Noiseless Desktop
Near Mint condition. This machine is quiet as a church mouse and is incredibly beautiful. It's a special machine
No case
$450.00 in store

Underwood desktop machine. Good solid machine in good working order
No case
$350.00 in store
Tower Portable
This machine is in like new condition
It comes with case and instruction manual.
$300.00 in store

# 14
Corona  Portable

This four row machine is a great typewriter and very attractive. It comes with a nice case.

$200.00 in store
#15 Corona Silent
Here's a near mint machine with a flawless finish. It is a great typer and comes with a case.

$400.00 in store
#18 Smith Corona
This machine is a great typer and has a nice color. The paint is missing below the upper keys, which most people don't notice, but want this noted for the record. Comes  with a case
Reduced price
$200.00 in store

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# 91
$ 275.00 in store

Underwood Portable w/case and original paperwork
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