We at Typewriter Fever have started a program to rescue scrap/parts typewriters. I have a few dozen machines that I haven't had the heart to throw away. I've been using them as parts machines when needed to extend their life as useful items.

I've been wanting to do have fun with these machines for quite awhile, and now have some time to attain that goal.

We are proud to introduce our new line of Typewriter Fever "Write Rods". We have lots of machines which will have their own personality to be sure. These will all be customized to your personal likes. Our hope is to not chop the machine, so as should you wish it to turn back into a normal machine, it can be easily converted back. Should you want it welded on, holes drilled, we can do that also.

Below is our first prototype. It needs a little tweaking as you can see in the downhill run. We will be adding options as time allows. We have a "Cow Catcher" on the front at the moment.

We are hoping the typewriter community will come on board and start "Chopping" their scrap machines and have downhill races for friendly competition.

Looking forward to some races.

I'm pleased to announce "BIG FONT"

Typewriter Fever